Satish acts as the Chief Technology Officer for the organization. He is a Post Graduate in Business Administration from Punjabi University and in Computer Science from MDU. Satish is a seasoned Information Technology Professional with more than three decades of experience in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle.
He has to his credit successful implementation of more than 100 Projects in the domains of HR, Publishing, Examination, Land Records, Manufacturing, eGovernance, Warehousing etc. He has worked with organisations like Quark, RCC, Trident, PLRS. He understand both business and technology very well.

He is ever fascinated by small ideas that turned into global powerhouses, and innovation, simplicity, and the potential of technology that have always been included in his passions. Following his work ethics and passions, he loves working on technology and believes that the major turnaround force across the globe would be technology getting into the hands of each one by exploring its extreme potential and making it accessible by simplified interface and increasing usability and connectivity.