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Three innovative ways to gear up your Human Resources for the 21st Century

Dated: December 14th, 2017
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Have your human resources department been on a monotonous mode and have been repeating the same process over and over again? Though it is a great idea to have routines that guide your work schedules, it could serve as a stumbling block towards achieving more significant results. It is important to note that , just like so many other areas, the field of human resources has been experiencing tremendous changes and Human resource managers must evolve in order not to be stay relevant and effective. The mode of operation of the human resources department of the 21st century is different in many ways from the activities of the same unit of the 20th century. We must admit that a lot of changes have happened.

Several strategies must be put in place to update the works of your human resources department, and these are;

Digital HR : Restructure the HR procedures to use Digital technologies
In the past, spreadsheets were the most reliable methods of managing the data of your human resources. Spreadsheets have always been popular means of storing data as it prevents you from keeping much information on the paper. We are now in the 21st century and spreadsheets are no longer the best method to save your data. In today’s world, the Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management Systems ( HCMS) is the recent innovation that can be utilized to keep your data intact and safe. HRIS makes it easier for your department to streamline most of its procedures and save its data in a digital format. Other benefits of using HRIS include automation of your onboarding assignments and sending of your benefits information to your insurance carrier which helps you save time and make you more efficient.
Moreover, the time saved through automation of many mundane level tasks the use of HRIS can be converted into the completion of more critical jobs which require your attention. You can utilize your gifts to improve the growth of your company through the compensation management rather than waste time on administrative tasks in your department.

Utilize your HR Data to the max
It is common knowledge that most human resources department has access to personal information of workers. Spreadsheets contain data about time off, performance, personal details and more information of employees. Besides, the data is just kept and saved and not used for anything most times.
HR departments in this information age have been utilizing the data information for business purposes. The utilization of information is one of the significant trends in 2017 as HR experts are investigating data analytics and finding viable means to make use of the data collated. It is on record that some HR teams are engaging the services of data analytics professionals.

This information will influence your business decisions in a significant way as it will give you the opportunity to work on details such as recruitment, compensation management, workforce planning, and most importantly , retention. You can also make use of predictive analytics tools to assist you in future planning and offering valuable information to senior management.

Treat your workers as Individuals
The 20th-century human resource department used to make use of a general method of the treatment of workers. For instance, all workers are entitled to the same benefits plan irrespective of their personal needs. In today’s world, this approach is no longer feasible as employees want to be treated like human beings with needs. In this knowledge economy, there is more of individualism.
Restructuring your compensation package is a brilliant way of taking good care of your employees and encouraging meritocracy within the organisation. When you restructure your compensation plan, your talented employees are paid according to their worth. In this case, workers who performed credibly well are compensated with higher payments. It is also essential for the human departments to figure out the best form of compensation for employees as some workers want more cash while others just want more days to rest.

Training is a self-development package that can meet the needs of employees. In the old regime of human resources, workers are compelled to have their training in groups, and each employee will learn about the same thing. In recent times, workers are making frantic efforts to learn on their own as they also have the right to choose what they intend to learn instead of sitting down in groups with other colleagues.

The above three approaches mentioned here can improve your HR department in no small measure. The art of restructuring your department will enhance your efficiency and make more clients believe in your brand.

About the author:
Sudhir Singh ( Chief Products Office, ValeurHR )
Sudhir Singh is a visionary senior executive with a career spanning more than a decade of experience, including working as a champion of growth and development of ValeurHR. In his recent role, Sudhir oversees Global Client Business Management and focuses on Developing Americas as key market for ValeurHR. Prior to joining ValeurHR, he has worked with some of world leading organizations like Microsoft, Quark & Oracle.

Skilled at advancing key goals for organizational development at both the process and staffing level, he ensures a strong corporate culture and productivity-oriented environment. He enjoys training others on the skills he acquired from his experience and has been a guest speaker at several conferences, seminars and educational Institutes throughout India.

Sudhir can be reached at
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