About Us

Your Business Execution Partner

Over the last 8 years, ValeurHR has been recognized as one of the leading outsourcing companies for service across geographies and industries. We have worked as a trusted partner with client organizations to deliver an array of services.

Our experience with big names across industries has taught us to recognize the common problems that organisations face related to business execution and technology.

Current work settings demand integration of bigger and better technologies. This results in increased costs. Outsourcing companies like ValeurHR help organizations make more of technology at less cost. Our business process management model helps manage and optimize a company’s business activities in a manner that it improves functioning and maximizes revenue.

A perfect blend of technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management is what makes us endearing to our clients.

ValeurHR has made its mark as a maker of technology products, outsourcing and Business Process Management company that enables organizations around the world to meet their business goals. We also add value as a business process management experts to enable optimum use of the most intricate of our products to solve business challenges and capture opportunities.

We offer technical excellence with adept use of innovations, benchmarking processing services, resources and software products designed and developed on SAP HANA and other platforms. We also create customized solutions for unique needs—to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Due to the unpredictable nature of updates, managing company resources while ensuring competency, has become a challenge. Our technology does it for you in smoothest way possible. As a team of competent and performance-oriented experts, we collaborate to provide cloud-based solutions that help small, medium and large organizations / institutions to meet their business objectives. We deploy a blend of technical distinction, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management to deliver industry-leading business solutions.

Key Differentiators as a software company and premier Outsourcing partner, ValeurHR helps implement complete technology solutions for enterprises. Here are some of the key strengths we enjoy:

  • Managed Service Provider and Platform
  • Time effective & efficient turnaround
  • Core HR team can focus on strategic priorities
  • Continuous access to a large talent pool
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • AI driven ATS