Case Studies -Shoolini University

KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing Business | 2014 - 2017

Design, Planning, Strategy and Implementing Processes & tools to enable Shoolini University to meet its goal of Top Ranked University in India and Globally among Top 200 Universities through ValeurHR’s KPO Services

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences is committed to excellence in all aspects of graduate and postgraduate learning, the transmission of relevant knowledge, skills, and free thinking needed to address the challenges of the modern world.

  • Headquarters: Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Student Base: Education
  • Industry: 9 members deployed by ValeurHR to cater to various requirements to meet end objectives
  • Team Deployed: India

Services Engaged

  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Manpower Planning, Talent Management
  • Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Students Assessments and Placement Support


  • Non-profit multi-disciplinary private university with a vision to be a top 200 global university by 2022.
  • Aspire to provide quality and relevant education to students at an affordable and subsidized fee structure.

The Requirement

ValeurHR was engaged to provide services to strategize, plan and execute various processes for Shoolini University as part of KPO services, to enable Shoolini to meet its goals in short run and long term.


  • ValeurHR understood and aligned itself with core objectives of the leadership of the University
  • Deployed key resources at University, and back-end team at multiple ValeurHR offices across India to cater to various needs in form of setting up HR processes, Talent Attraction and Management, Rewards and Recognition, Relationships with external organizations, rolling out innovative skill development programs for Students and Academia, setting up innovation centers, et al
  • Worked with University’s leadership team to identify & attract the right talent for University, who was further on-boarded and trained to take the institution to its desired objective level. All this was done in record time of fewer than 2 weeks for hiring and at 60% lesser cost than was being incurred by University before engaging ValeurHR
  • Deployed Team of 9 KPO experts from ValeurHR who worked with various members at across the levels & disciplines in University, driving and building the desired culture in the University
  • Launched and supported various innovative programs along with industry towards achieving various aspects to be ranked among leading Universities.
  • Skill development, Assessments, and placements of students across disciplines in leading organizations
  • Deployment of tools and technologies to automate various processes/workflows to make entire process across University, effective and errorless. It led to leadership being more aware of day to day operations without any misses, rather strong execution by each and every member, including in mission-critical departments like Registrar’s Office, Finance & Accounts, Academia, Training, HR, et al

Why ValeurHR?

  • Global Company, with strong understanding & expertise in Talent Management and Development of Education institutions, while aligning it to their Goals and KPIs
  • Proven process and tools for rolling out strong KPO process for any client at shortest TAT
  • As provider of end-to-end business process solutions enabling client partner meeting their business goals
  • Ability to Optimise costs in KPO for growing operations through strong business models, along with using a mix of technology and improvisations in human capital in the institution

Successful Outcomes

  • Enabled Shoolini to achieve its goal of being top-ranked University in India in various disciplines, and be on track to meet its 2022 vision and objectives
  • Improved Students and Academia skills, thus leading to successful outcomes in Academia and Placements of students.

Future Milestones

  • Keep building new programs to lead to vision 2022