vQ is a collaboration tool for various communities that makes it possible to collaborate via a virtual platform. vQ intends to be the single inter-& intra-channel tool for organizations, institutes, and other bodies that democratizes the process of collaboration. It is the first quotient-building platform that promotes social, learning, professional, entrepreneurship and emotional quotient among its communities.



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Most of the businesses today are run virtually. The need to use virtual platforms to enable execution is now commonplace. Cloud-based programs are high in demand today. This latest collaboration tool is part of vE, which is a business execution suite by ValeurHR. vQ allows employee to use a single platform to achieve organizational goal with common frame of mind.

A single solution to all collaboration troubles, it’s easy to integrate vQ into a workplace. It allows users to create groups within the organization, host private chats, and communicate ideas with others in the organization. One can create as many groups, as well as add an unlimited number of admins and members to a group to make most of this platform.

vQ allows users to conduct multiple activities such as joining and creating groups, texting other users, sending documents and managing personal profiles. Homepage of vQ consists of a search bar where one can search groups, posts or documents. It has a message icon and shows the online or offline status of other users.

One also gets to know about likes and comments on a post by other users. An image post is also downloadable. One can delete a group that has been created at any time. Users can also access information about a group such as when and who created it, number of admins and who are the members of that group.

vQ by ValeurHR encourages employees to work in teams. More than anything, it instills a sense of responsibility among them and acts as continuous motivation to ensure work is done effectively, and on time.

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  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Managment to provide services as business exection partner
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