Successful companies are always looking for new and unique ways to conduct business. This has made the need for good business execution suite more pertinent. That’s where the ValeurHR Business Execution Suite (vE) adds value to your business. vEis an effective way to manage multiple business processes from a single window. Today, we introduce you to the Employee Portal, which is one of the key features of the vE.


Employee Portal


vE is an innovative execution suite that allows companies to manage end-to-end business processes. The employee portal is a great way of monitoring an employee’s growth, helps to improve work efficiency, acknowledge accountability of work, and brings clarity to task management.

Built on the HANA platform, vE monitors and manages the employee’s time and productivity and provides information about an employee’s tasks and progress. vE also makes it easy to track an employee’s day-to-day activities, manage their historical data, and keep track of other employee activities. This master data is available to the employee and the managers with the required permissions.

With the employee portal Feature, vE allows employees to make requests, access templates, and even request for holidays. It facilitates employees to make requests for benefits, referrals, tasks and transfers. It also enables employees to assign tasks to themselves and keep track of their progress. All this information is also available to their managers. Apart from that, employees can use the employee portal to make a To-Do list by using ‘Self Task Assignment’ feature, maintain pending tasks and maintain all information using an in-built calendar.

The vE is reliable and easy-to-use. It is helping companies enable productivity and scalability.

  • Plug & Play cloud system with minimal configurations required
  • Inbuilt AI and loT
  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Management to provide services as business execution partner
  • Unbeatable cost aligned with business goals

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