Learning Management System

A comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) has the ability to transform the way employees interact within the organization. Employees use the LMS to connect, grow and engage within the organization. It helps them grow at work. ValeurHR Learning Management System is a web-based learning platform that offers significant benefits to organizations with large turnover and educational institutions that are looking for latest training tools.

Integrating innovation with LMS

Key functions of the ValeurHR learning management system include:

Users Management

Maintains a detailed account of the activities of all users, including the admin, trainers or trainees.

Management of Groups

Users can create multiple groups, assign them to the client for smooth communication, and add any number of members.

Handling Courses

Create, edit, add training courses relevant to skills and expertise required by a company or individuals; assign them to users concerned; and evaluate performance.

Thematic experience

Enjoy different themes and patterns that keep your millennial workforce or audience going.


Communicate with people from different countries with ease with our multilingual platform.

Manage Topics

Learning topics can be categorized to prevent confusion. Separate categories such as Video and E-books can be created and maintained. Trainer can track course progress.

Quiz activity

Create topic or course-related quiz to judge level of understanding of users.


One can choose their country from a number of options for countries. Users can also add/delete a country from the list, if required.

Currency Management

Users can set their chosen currency to facilitate monetary transactions or billing.


A user selects a location relevant to him. This sometimes helps in assigning courses to members.


Like every other app, an individual can quote his experience in feedback. Users can like or dislike the app and can comment or give recommendation for improvement.

Benefits of the LMS

  • Provides immediate/easy access to training and skill developing platforms.
  • No training lag. A new recruit can start his on-the -job training soon after joining. He need not wait for a group.
  • Less cost of delivering training as a course is automated and once recorded.
  • Can be delivered or repeated any number of times, ideal for large organizations.
  • Manages training sessions.


10$ per user per month for upto 2000 users

( For more than 2000 users get volume discount. Contact us at sales@valuerhr.com )
  • Plug & Play cloud system with minimal configurations required
  • Inbuilt AI and loT
  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Management to provide services as business execution partner
  • Unbeatable cost aligned with business goals

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