Performance Management

Sets the platform for rewarding excellence by aligning individual employee accomplishments with the organization’s goals and objectives. By establishing clear performance expectations which includes results, actions and behaviors, it helps the employees in understanding what is expected out of their jobs.


  • Define employee’s goal plan on the basis of review period.
  • Set objectives in advance and thereby track them from time to time.
  • Track and evaluate employee’s performance on the basis of defined cycle.
  • Can provide employees with continuous coaching and feedback during tracking stage (if required).
  • Align individual goals of employees with overall business objectives.
  • Review performance of employees and rate them accordingly.
  • Stimulate continuous dialogue and feedback between managers and employees to help them have more structured conversations about how to align and improve performance.
  • Continuously update employee efforts, success probability, and comments like development opportunities and strength of the employee whose performance is being reviewed.
  • Capture a more balanced and complete view of employee performance with “Performance Report”.


10$ per user per month for upto 2000 users

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  • Plug & Play cloud system with minimal configurations required
  • Inbuilt AI and loT
  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Management to provide services as business execution partner
  • Unbeatable cost aligned with business goals

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