Relationship Management

ValeurHR Relationship Management helps organizations manage both, their B2B and B2C relationships with partners, clients and customers. It helps manage everyday activities such as customer support, making records of clients and contacts, and tracking leads for the achievement of customer relationship management goals. Other than this, it gives analytical insights into customer-oriented processes and makes predictive analytics. All in all, it is one way to provide personalized customer service.

Business Processes can be managed with ease using the relationship management model designed by ValeurHR, whichincorporates:

  • Customer interaction and data
  • Project Planning
  • Tacking of leads
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Sales Automation

All business sizes can take advantage of this software application for business management.


10$ per user per month for upto 2000 users

( For more than 2000 users get volume discount. Contact us at )
  • Plug & Play cloud system with minimal configurations required
  • Inbuilt AI and loT
  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Management to provide services as business execution partner
  • Unbeatable cost aligned with business goals

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