Staff Augmentation

Learn how our staff Augmentation services can help you scale up

We helped numerous startups and mid sized companies scale up faster through our Staff Augmentation services.

Whether it’s a large enterprise or a recently launched start-up, the success of every organization lies in hiring the right talent and creating a great vision. ValeurHR designs strategy for staff augmentation on the basis of the model of the organization in consideration.

Our staff augmentation experts start with Market Research, Competition Benchmarking, Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking and then subsequently strategize the project execution. They then move on to the Talent Management comprising of Manpower Planning, Hiring Strategy and Execution, On-boarding, Payroll Management, Performance Management, Learning & Development and the Exit Formalities.

With our superior and expert decision-making skills, we help companies meet their staffing needs. We augment our clients’ workforce with skilled talent so that they can achieve their organizational objectives without delay.

Why Choose Staff Augmentation?

Companies are getting creative in order to maintain current productivity and pursue new growth opportunities while adequately staffing workgroups, staying within budget, and minimizing risk exposure if the economy experiences a double dip or a slowdown.

Staff augmentation is the solution many companies are using because it is most effective in helping them when it comes to the needs of their business. Here are a few reasons why Staff Augmentation may benefit your business.

Why Staff Augmentation with ValeurHR?

ValeurHR’s staff augmentation experts are well versed with the technology industry requirements in addition to the localized talent pool to help you find the right professionals. ValeurHR team executes the project with a planned approach to help organizations quickly scale up or down depending on their workflow. We help clients optimize resources, resulting in a controlled cost and maximized revenues.

As a leading provider of IT and engineering staff augmentation, ValeurHR provides you with customized solutions, by understanding the specific skills you need and your overall business goals.

  • Make post-hire analysis of staff
  • We deliver uniform talent acquisition process across the globe.
  • We map the progress of our client’s organization scientifically.
  • Screen candidates to find right talent using online psychometric/ behavior and technical assessment.
  • Matching candidate’s expectation with client needs.
  • Ensure successful completion of hiring process by facilitating final negotiation.
  • Make post-hire analysis of staff

Optimize Your Hiring Process

Leave it all to ValeurHR

  • Manpower planning
  • Writing and posting job openings.
  • Sieving through the resumes
  • Pre-screening process.
  • Interview process
  • Offer negotiations and selection.
  • Onboarding

Your benefits

  • Business KPIs met
  • Shorter hiring timelines
  • Reduced cost of attaining and managing talent
  • Increased knowledge of business and industry trends and practices
  • Save time and money
  • Uninterrupted focus on your core business
  • Plan and execute business projects at peace
  • Hassle free and quick resource onboarding

Aricent Case Study

Aricent - US HQ global organisation

Aricent, US HQ global organisation, continue to grow their business operations in Australia through ValeurHR’s Staff Augmentation service. Would you like to know how? Leave your details and we will share further information

TCS Case Study

Global leading IT giant and one of the most trusted company, TCS, trusted ValeurHR when working on Indian Government’s mission critical project of automating & privatising Passport Services. ValeurHR was proud to be its staff augmentation partner. Would you like to know what and how we did? Leave your details and we will share further information.

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