Time is of essence. When people spend appropriate time on the right tasks, it has a positive impact on productivity within an organization. If you’re an organization that cares about the way time is consumed in your office, it’s important to know that technology can be a great enabler in helping you ensure that time is utilized well. ValeurHR has launched vE, which is a sophisticated, top-line Business Execution suit that offers several features to facilitate better execution. Time management, one of the features in vE, manages time in all levels within an organization.


Time Management


Time Management assists managers in keeping a track of employees’ working hours among various other functions. It facilitates the system administrators in maintenance and configuration of the organization’s time management system that includes defining employee groups, rules for each group, and types of leaves, shifts, shift patterns, holiday calendar, leave approval rules and leave reports. At the same time, it facilitate employees to use all these features for leave application approval, and to check their in – out times.

Make the most of your employees’ time with the Time Management module available within our latest Business Execution suit.

  • Plug & Play cloud system with minimal configurations required
  • Inbuilt AI and loT
  • Process and system expertise in Human Capital Management to provide services as business execution partner
  • Unbeatable cost aligned with business goals

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