ValeurHR Execution (vE)

Award Winning Business Execution Suite


Cloud Based

Anytime / Anywhere access

Robust & Scalable

60k+ users in more than 3 countries
used by Fortune 500 companies


15+ modules to manage HR and other business operations

Cutting edge Technology

Built on SAP HANA Platform


FREE for 30 days, 10$ per user per month for upto 2000 users
( For more than 2000 users get volume discount. Contact us at )

Backed by Trust

250+ clients
9 Office around the globe
100+ projects executed
700+ Professionals


Employee Portal

A virtual platform to monitor employee lifecycle

Project Management

For management of day-to-day activities such as assigning and monitoring

Performance Management

Performance of the workforce can be tracked and evaluated on the basis of defined cycle, while objectives can be set in advance and tracked

Financial Planning

Enables analytics of tractions
to help you control costs and
gain more from your investment

Time Management

Helps to strike productivity in all levels within an organization

Relationship Management

Helping the organization connect with its customers & partners towards sales, marketing and support.

Onboarding & Seperation

Reduce manual paperwork
& prevent redundancy when
collecting data from new hires.

Collaboration Tool

Cloud based social collaboration platform for employees & various
stakeholders interactions


Processes common payroll functions such as sending pay-slips, calculating salaries, deductions and taxes.

Talent Management

A a multi-component software tool designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel

Learning Management System

Facilitate process of on-the-job training of employees working in a company from multiple devices

Compensation & Benefits

Maintains and manages all benefits served to employees
as per organization policy

Analytics and Reports

Gives detailed analytics and report
of activities along with predictive
analysis created on the basis
of historical data

Available on the Go

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Recognized by a global leader

ValeurHR won the "SAP Cloud Platform developer challenge award for 2016-17" for its Business Execution Software, "vE"


10$ per user per month for upto 2000 users

( For more than 2000 users get volume discount. Contact us at )