Our journey has undergone a paradigm shift from being perceived as supporting business function to business partner function to finally a business driver

Business Driver

  • Business drivers are the factors that spur growth in the areas most important to an enterprise’s success. Such factors might include economic and market conditions, key players, critical information, assets, and processes. It is important to identify business drivers, regardless of whether they are within the control of a business or not.
  • ValeurHR has become a key business driver to by focusing on factors that hold major impact on business performance. Our experience and expertise makes us adept and proficient in managing Value, Growth, Innovation and Cost which drives business results.
  • 2008

    Business Partner Function

  • Business partnering has becoming more popular as organisations become people-focused and see the value in aligning agendas toward a common goal
  • ValeurHR has worked closely with senior leaders of organisations to develop an agenda that closely supports the overall aims of the organisation. The process of alignment, business partnering, involved the business partner sitting on the board of directors and working closely with them and C-suite.
  • Supporting Business Function

    We assist clients in reviewing the provision of support services. Specifically, we have provided support with: 
  • Identifying and utilising best practice activities
  • The creation of business cases and recommendations on whether to outsource all or some of the services
  • The review of policies and processes that drive working practices and resource expenditure
  • Work on the areas which can be done in less cost and gives more benefits
  • 2008


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